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Contemporary Country Home: Things to Know

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All the traditional country houses are most inspiring to provide new contemporary country home designs. Few specific art and designs enable to recognize the country’s house. The country home in traditional forms has always been the preferable home style, but due to the increasing expenses and reducing the availability of the products for building a house has led to a new form of a contemporary home.


Wood is one of the important basic materials required for the development and construction of the buildings. But in recent times wood is expensive, and cannot be available on a large scale or quantity. Timbers are not easily available and so the labor required for the construction of the structure is less. Lack of labor power is due to the discouraging constructions of the houses. Altogether the construction is not possible to a large extent in less investment of time. Finally, the evolution of the contemporary country home has taken place. However, check the modern improvisations.

Improved Structure

A country home is constructed with new styles and crafts used including a traditional touch of the houses. But an entire construction of the houses is quite limited. Wood is used but it is used in a restriction to save the expense. Presently, bricks and metal are introduced to manage and add contemporary creativity in the home styles in lower maintenance costs. 

Painted Furniture

A contemporary and traditional mixture can be provided in the rooms with the furniture varnished or painted. Both ideas can be used to develop a better atmosphere of a country house. Wood furniture is the major requirement but in modern-day different kinds of replacement with the features and nature of wood are available that can be used in the interiors of the houses.

Modern But Contemporary Wall Textures

The wall can be provided with unfinished or un-plastered walls with the brick facing. It provides a face of bricks joints, creates a country home ambiance. 

Wall Barns Bed

Wooden barns are available that can be used on the walls of the bedroom or living room to create a better contemporary country home like appearances.


Potteries and vases along with plates and another crockery of the kitchens can provide a better space resembling a country home.


Green lawns with a good sitting arrangement with the beauty of fauna and flora can be built a greater conception of a contemporary country home. 

Basic Needs For A Country Home:

  • The color of the house or painting is important. It is important to use neutral colors such as grey, white and dusty blues that can make a change in the appearances of the rooms.
  • The roof can be added with truss or beams of woods to provide a unique vintage ambiance despite the roof is concrete made. The beams and small truss can create a difference in the sloped roof.
  • Country house, no matter traditional or contemporary, should have a sloped roof. A sloping roof with skylights is the main feature of country homes. Wood has been reduced in the slopes and concrete is used. These have decreased maintenance and increased durability.
  • Adding of red bricks with lime plastering in the exteriors and interior wall also apply a look of a country house. A fireplace made of bricks instead of using any new modern techniques like heater can add to the rustic beauty of the contemporary country home.

Wooden floorings are possible with the modern products of plywood that can provide a natural wooden texture. The barn wood texture can be obtained from the engineered wood and plywood, which can be used for making the furniture of the room.

A large kitchen with a stone made platform and open shelves for storage of goods and ingredients can build a complete combination of a modern and traditional home.

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