Limited Edition Art Pieces Artistic Way to Decorate Your Home

Are you into the arts? If you are then, then it is highly likely that you take an interest in exhibitions and auctions and love having one of the art pieces as a decorative piece in your house. Well, it is not unheard of to use limited edition art pieces as a way to decorate your interiors. It reflects your personality; it shows what kind of person you are. But limited art editions are not easy to get; You can now buy limited edition art prints either on a yearly art sale or from an art fair or even from online art portals where they offer massive discounts on the limited edition prints. 
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Now when you are shelling out money, you would want to get value for it, which is why you should keep in mind certain things when you are looking for limited edition art prints online to add to your collection. Keep reading to find out more. The limited editions are decided by both the artists and the printers and where applicable, it can also include the publisher. You can get either exclusive original prints or even the digital print varieties depending on the price and availability. 

Look for Consistency in Limited Editions


Limited edition art prints should have consistency in them like, for example, the signature should be in the same font, and even the date should be in the same format. So for example, if the date format used is 24/3/20, and the date format is different in another limited edition, do not purchase it, no matter how much you love it. 


Look for Artists Proofs in The Edition Information

Yes, this is very important because this can increase the value of the limited edition art prints online. Art pieces that have artist’s proof are usually considered more valuable than other artworks. For example, would you be more willing to buy a picture that has a little personal note from the artists attached to it or a picture or a print that has no note whatsoever? 


Artist’s Proof Should Not Be Too Many 


One thing you should most definitely keep in mind when purchasing a limited edition art prints online is to make sure that the number of the artist’s proof should not be more than 2 or 3, for the limited edition collection. If it is more than that, then the collection and the artwork itself will not hold much value. 


The Number of Prints Does Not Matter 

In limited edition art prints online as well as offline, the number of prints does not matter. It does not decide the price of the artwork. This is a misconception that the number one print is valued the highest or has the most significant resale value. Artist’s number their artworks in limited edition art prints online randomly. 


All Limited Edition Arts Online Should Be A Carbon Copy Of Each Other


If you are purchasing limited edition art prints online for the first time, then you should first check whether all the pieces in the edition are precisely the same or not. Any piece that stands out or looks different to the rest of the pieces in the edition, then you should not waste your money buying the edition, as it’s value will decrease. 


Several sites hold online auctions, where you can register beforehand, pay the auction fees, look at the collection and then start bidding. If you are not intent on getting your hands on a rare art piece, then you can buy one of the prints from an upcoming or rising artist from the websites that deal in art and prints. Galleries generally have a rich collector and painter/buyer interface and if you want, then you can also contact some galleries about buying back the prints. 

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