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Things To Look before Searching For Houses For Rent

Finding and renting a house can be a daunting task, but yet, it is an essential thing to do for many who do not own a property. If you are looking for houses for rent, then you must make the decision carefully to avoid being stuck in the wrong property for a long time. As a tenant, you must be aware of your rights and know things to consider while looking for a property for rent. Here are some common terms:


Houses For Rent

Rent for a similar property may differ, depending on its location, age, quality, and amenities. Ideally, the rent should be 2 to 4% of the property’s total value. But some premium may be added to it if the property is located at a prime location or if it is in high demand.


The tenant and the landlord mutually agree upon the rate of increment in the rent. Legally, a landlord cannot increase the rent unreasonably. Many states have set regulations to increase local rent. Ideally, rent can be increased by not more than 10-15% every year. However, increment trends may vary from one city and locality to the other, which leaves some room for negotiation.


Most landlords ask for some security deposit before renting out the property, which can be as high as 6 months of the agreed rent amount. This deposit amount may differ from one city and one locality to the other. It is also bigger for furnished apartments than for unfurnished houses for rent.

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Basic Amenities

Houses For Rent

Regular water supply and uninterrupted electricity are some of the basic amenities you must look for while searching for houses for rent. Also, check whether their bills are included in the rent or you have to pay them separately. If the landlord is renting out the property along with the electrical appliances, then don’t forget to check whether they are working fine or not, including the washing machine, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, kettle, air conditioner, etc.


The locality of the property is of great essence. The neighborhood should be decent, clean, and well-maintained, and there should be enough facilities within close proximity. For instance, there should be a good school nearby where you can shift your kids to, there should be a hospital nearby in case of a medical emergency, and if you travel by public transport, there should be a bus stand, metro station, taxi stand, or railway station within close distance. The presence of markets, pharmacies, grocery stores near your rented apartment is of utmost importance.

Maintenance Of The Property

Houses For Rent

Apart from normal wear and tear, the landlord is mainly responsible for bearing the cost of the property’s repairs and maintenance. However, if the residential society collects maintenance fees from the residents, get it clear from the landlord and check what are the charges that you have to pay. Maintenance charges are either included in the rent, or the tenants pay them separately, or the landlord and the tenant may agree to pay them 50-50. Apart from the maintenance charges, you also need to make sure that the property is properly maintained and there are no major repairs or defects that you have to deal with immediately after shifting into it. Before putting their houses for rent, the landlord should agree to repaint the walls, and clean the windows, kitchen, carpet, bathroom tiles, shower screen, etc. properly.


If you have shortlisted some houses for rent and want to make the final decision, then make sure that the landlord agrees to provide a detailed rental agreement with all terms and conditions clearly mentioned. The agreement should include everything, including duration, extension, termination, rental amount, increment, security amount, landlord access, etc. Don’t forget to ensure that the agreement is written on a stamp paper and is registered with the local authorities.

If you check all the above-mentioned points, you can be sure of finding the best houses for rent that won’t give you trouble later on.

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