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How to Find the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Isn’t it about time you got new glasses? Shopping for glasses online is easier than ever before, most glasses sites allow you to simply send off your prescription and order the frames of your choice. Finding the right glasses for your face shape can be done online in no time.

One of the best things about choosing glasses online is the wide range of fabulous options you’ve got available. This will help you consider which frames suit your face shape and go best with your unique look. Identifying your most striking facial features will help pick a style.

If you’re looking for the perfect glasses for your face shape you could try They even offer lenses and frames separately, if you already have the perfect frames but need to replace your lenses. If you’re finding it difficult to choose, here are some guidelines on how to find the right glasses for your face shape.

What is your face shape?

In order to know which kind of face shape you have and which glasses would go best, you first need to identify your facial features and their proportion. There are five main types of face shape when choosing glasses; square, round, heart, triangle, and oval. 

Not everybody fits perfectly into these categories of course and you might have to play around with a few photos, to see what your face is similar too. Most faces are a combination of different main features of particular shapes, for example, high cheekbones feature in a heart-shaped face. Here is a description of each face type and their distinguishing features.

Square face shape

Square face shape is more angular with cheekbones, jaw, and forehead all equally wide. Here are some examples of celebrities who fit into the square face category. Square faces often have strong, angular features that form an almost straight line down from the top of your face to your jaw. Opt for frames that are slightly rounded which will help to subtly soften any angular features. The best glasses to go for are the ones slightly wider at the edges, which will highlight your eyes and add balance. 

Cat-eye sunglasses are a good match for square faces. These will help accentuate your cheekbones and create a bold, classic look. With both glasses and sunglasses, ideally, you want frames that are proportional to the length and width of your face. 


Round face shape

A round face is much softer and not as angular as square face shape. A round face has wider cheekbones and an equally wide forehead and jawline. The best glasses for this type of face shape are rectangular frames with a bold design. 


Round faces are defined by soft curves rather than hard angles, so you can get glasses that complement this. Typical features of a round face include fuller cheeks and a more rounded chin. This means when you choose your glasses, it’s a good idea to add angles, and you can go for fuller frames as well, with more dramatic edges.


Rectangular glasses will make your face appear longer and thinner. Geometric design will also be complimentary. If the frames go up in the corners slightly, this will help give your cheekbones more of an angle. Cat eyes or D frames can be a good look for round face shape. For more ideas, check out some of the biggest eyewear trends in 2020.



Heart face shape


A heart face shape is different from round and square in that it is wider at the top and comes into a more narrow chin at the bottom. It’s also defined by prominent cheekbones and a smiley cheerful look. It’s quite a versatile face shape, seen as its features are already quite flattering. 


Some tips to add balance would be to keep the top wider than your forehead and put some weight or design on the bottom part of the frame. Heart-shaped faces go with a range of different glasses shapes, even minimal or rimless frames. 


If your chin is particularly narrow and you would like to draw attention down, perhaps you could opt for frames that a fuller at the bottom. For sunglasses, aviators are a fun option. You can play around with the color and design and choose which go best with your own unique style. Have a look at some of the best designer aviators you can buy in 2020.


Triangle face shape


A triangle face shape means the bottom part of the triangle is wider, so your chin and the top point of the triangle draw in at your forehead. In this case, you want to create balance by wearing more top-heavy glasses. You could also choose frames that only cover the top.


A mix of round and angular styles could work for your face. It depends on your individual features. If your triangular face is pretty angular, then you could opt for completely round glasses for a stronger look. 


Glasses or sunglasses with a bold brown line will help to balance out your narrow forehead and draw attention away from your wider jawline. The main key is to go heavier on the top than on the bottom. Apart from that, you can play with styles such as cat-eye, D shape, or aviators. If you want to create a balance, make sure that the width is wider than your jawline. 



Oval face shape


An oval fave narrows more symmetrically at both the forehead and the jaw. It has rounded features rather than angular and is overall quite balanced and versatile to fit. Some oval features have wider and higher cheekbones than others, but no particularly hard angles.

Due to the soft features of an oval face, you can have fun with your glasses’ choice to make a bold statement. Where something that really stands out. You can choose the color and pattern to match your own personal style, but feel free to be adventurous when choosing glasses for oval face shape.

Emphasize the natural balance of your features. You could play with rectangles, angular or geometric styles. Find the right glasses that add a bit more angle and definition to your face. If you’re stuck for ideas you could try following the latest trends. There are plenty of cool new styles to try this year. For 2020, try transparent frames with warm accents, or vintage classics. For an oval face shape, a statement piece is a fabulous idea. Glasses are the ultimate fashion statement. 

These are just basic guidelines and the glasses you choose should highlight your own individual features. Choose a frame that emphasizes the strong points and draws attention away from any weak points creating a perfect balance. Everyone’s style is unique and if you don’t feel you fit into the categories don’t worry. Go with your best instincts as well. 


Don’t forget you can still have a lot of fun shopping for eyewear! It’s another way to give yourself a mini-makeover, and treat yourself to something new. Change your look this year and go for something more daring. You could have a look at some vintage styles, or go for a classic, it’s up to you. 


Most websites have the option to input your measurements and prescription, making it even easier for you to choose the right glasses for you. If you’re looking for a change, what’s stopping you from splashing out on some new accessories this summer? Find the perfect glasses for you. 


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