Keeping Pests At Bay During Rainy Season

The rainy season is here in the Philippines, as it runs from June to around mid-October. The peak can often be between August and October, getting better weather from November onwards. With more rain and cloudy skies, it means that we will want to keep doors and windows closed. However, it can still be pretty humid, which is why we might occasionally open windows. The team that up with the fact that a lot of pests and insects want to find somewhere dry to be in the rainy season, you can find your home full of pests if you’re not too careful. 

To help, you should know which pests and bugs might want to invade the warmth of your home during the season, and especially after a big rainstorm. The pests to look out for are things like ants, cockroaches, termites, and mosquitos. Although using pest control services like 000 Pest Control can be good if you get an infestation, it helps to do a few things to avoid getting infested in the first place. Here are some of the things that you could try.

Repair Damaged Window Screens

If you want to stay as pest-free as possible over the coming months, then one thing to check is that your screens are still intact. If you have window screens that are damaged, then it leads to pests and bugs finding their way in. If you want to open windows to let fresh air in, then your screens need to be intact. Otherwise, you could get a variety of pests coming into the home. 


Keep up with waste and trash

It can be easy to let food pile up, waste, and trash when you have a busy family and a busy home. But the truth is that it can cause a lot of problems if you don’t keep on top of it all. Pests will be attracted to a home where there are crumbs on the floor and bags and bags of waste piled up. Before you know it you could find a trail of ants or rats coming in and out of your home. This is important inside the home, but also outside of the home. Don’t let trash pile up outside there, or drop a lot of waste or crumbs, as pests will then be drawn to your outside space too.

Keep Wood Dry

If there is some damp wood, then it can be the go-to place for termites, as well as somewhere for other insects and pets to want to live. It is important to keep any wood that you have, like outdoor furniture or piles of logs for a fire, dry. When you keep them dry and out of the rain, it will help to make it somewhere less attractive for insects to want to live. Using a natural pesticide can help too, as there will still be some insects that will nestle in the wood regardless. Getting a cover can b helpful if they can’t be moved to shelter.

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