How to apply Cologne Without Spray

Cologne Doesn’t Have A Spray? Don’t Worry! Here’s How To Do It :

Most colognes and perfumes come with a spray. A spray bottle is perhaps the most convenient and conventional way of packaging perfumes and colognes. It ensures that users won’t have to use other tools for applying colognes or perfumes on their bodies. However, some manufacturers have become a bit too creative. As a result, some great colognes or perfumes don’t have a spray. I’ve experienced having a cologne without a spray bottle before. I tell you that my time wasn’t very great though the cologne was good. I don’t want you to come up against the same situation. So today, I will explain to you how can you apply cologne to maximize its ability to help you smell good without spray.

Why Do Some Colognes Don’t Have Spray Nozzle:

Some colognes don’t have a spray nozzle. I know that it’s inconvenient. It’s because you have to find other efficient ways of applying it to your body. However, the idea behind colognes that don’t have a spray nozzle is noble. They help specific users enjoy cologne without harming themselves.

Colognes without spray nozzles cater to users who experience mild to severe respiratory conditions. Colognes that have spray nozzles aren’t for people with sensitive breathing. Spray nozzles fill the air with perfume or cologne droplets. These droplets might irritate the breathing of people with sensitive lungs. As a result, people with weak respiration avoid colognes with spray and use colognes without spray nozzles instead.

What Are Pulse Points?

Pulse points are specific areas in the body where you can feel your pulse with the fingers. Experts recommend that you put cologne on the pulse points. It’s because these are the spots where the fragrance becomes very noticeable for you and people nearby.

When using colognes without the spray, consider applying on the pulse points. These are the most efficient spots in the body that hold can their scent.

Pulse points in the body for applying cologne are as follows:

  • The Wrists
  • Behind The Ears
  • The Neck at The Opposite Corners of The Upper Jaw
  • The Throat’s Bottom
  • The Elbows’ Inside
  • Back Portion of The Knees


Things That You Should Avoid:


Some use colognes without the spray for the sake of trying it. Afterward, they find themselves disappointed by wasting the perfume that they bought. There are lots of things that you should avoid when applying cologne without spray such as:



Never rub your fingers on the portion which you’ll be applying the cologne. Rubbing will increase the volatility of the cologne in the fingers. As a result, you might have to get your fingers wet with cologne again and again. You should just nab your fingers. Nabbing will help retain the cologne on your fingers and helps to conserve the remaining in the bottle.

Don’t Use Cotton or Fabric


Never use cotton or fabric to apply cologne on your pulse points. The reason is fairly simple. Cotton or fabric will just suck most of the moisture, and only a little cologne will be on your skin.

Using The Palms


Never use your palms to nab the cologne on your pulse points. Using your palms will only lead to over application. Putting too much cologne won’t make you smell good. When too much, the smell of cologne will give you a strong dominating scent that smells nice but is too much for people’s noses.

Methods For Applying Cologne Without Spray:

Here are the easiest ways to apply cologne without spray. 

Finger Dabbing Method 

The finger dabbing method is the most common way of applying cologne that doesn’t have a spray nozzle. I highly recommend that you use this because it’s very efficient for putting cologne the pulse points evenly. Here’s how to do this:

  • Get the cologne and uncap it
  • Put your index and middle fingers on the spout of the cologne bottle
  • Tip it. Hold this position for 1 minute
  • Return the cologne to an upright position slowly
  • Nab your wet fingers behind the ear or other pulse points of your preference


Hair Stick Method

This method is useful if your skin is sensitive. I recommend that you ditch the first method if the cologne makes your finger itchy. The hair stick method is a safer way of applying cologne without spray than finger dabbing. Here’s how you should do this method. 

  • Get a hair stick. Preferably, a 10-inch one will do.
  • Get and uncap the cologne
  • Put the stick on the cologne bottle’s spout and let it soak for 1-2 minutes
  • Remove the stick and gently brush it on your pulse points


So guys now you know how to apply cologne without spray. Next time if your friends ask you about it. You can easily explain to him. Keep all the above things in mind you can enjoy the fragrance without spray.

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