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How to Bleach Your Hair ( Step by Step Guide )

If you’re looking into coloring your hair from home and interested in how to use the Hex Me Bleaching kit from Hair Sorceress read on the post below to know more!

By the way, our Hair Sorceress Hex Me bleaching kit is Vegan, Safe to Use for Kids, Pregnant and Lactacting Women, Made of Organic ingredients!

Step by step guide in bleaching your hair using our Hair Color Product from Hair Sorceress 👇‼️

You hair should be sectioned before applying. Applying bleach mixture to your hair should be done fast para kapag nag lift, equal and walang uneven dark patches after.


Make sure to mix it well hanggang maging yogurt yung texture


You should start 1 inch from the scalp kasi yung heat na narerelease ng body natin sa scalp makes the bleach lifts fast. It will be uneven kapag nilahat nilagyan ng mixture.


If light enough na yung hair, start applying the roots naman. Let it set for another 15-20 mins.


Do not rinse with shampoo. Conditioner lang because shampoo will make your bleached hair dry.


Pre bleach potion will help deep condition your hair from bleaching. But if you have plans on coloring it after, you can tone and apply Supernatural dye on the same day. If you plan to bleach your hair for another session i.e. hindi naglift sa desired level mo, wait for 5-7 days to bleach again.


Hex Me Bleaching Kit Hair Sorceress

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