5 Tips to Successfully Make Your Home More Eco-friendly

Tips to make home more eco friendly

Living in a house of your own is one of the most fulfilling things in the world most especially when you are starting a family of your own. My husband and I have always wanted to settle down soon on our brand new property lot and we are slowly taking things into consideration specially in our house design details.

We have been renting for two years now and its been really hard to manage the expenses as well as saving up to build our dream home. We have always wanted our house to be simple and eco – friendly.

Becoming eco-friendly or environmentally friendly means living a life that is not harmful to the environment. While we are in the middle of a climate crisis, this way of life is becoming more vital, since we need to protect our world from more harm.

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Here are 5 useful Tips that we are taking into consideration and hope to apply soon.


Insulate your Home

Make your home more efficient by keeping in the hot air. This can help keep your house cool during summer and warm during the cold months of winter. If your air conditioning is non-functional, consider getting an Emergency Air Conditioning Repair, and in the meantime, use your ceiling fan. The ceiling fan uses approximately 10 percent less energy than running your air conditioning unit. A ceiling fan can help distribute the air in your room and create a breeze all over the area.

Another great way to insulate your home is by sealing your windows and doors to keep the house cool. Seal all gaps to stop air from escaping to avoid energy loss.

Save Water

How long does your water run before becoming warm when you want to wash your face? When washing the dishes, how many liters of water goes down the drain while it gets to the right temperature? According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the average person uses about 80 to 100 gallons of water every single day for household uses. This is dangerously high.

But how can you save water? Do you take a cold shower and use constantly freezing water? To save water, put a pitcher under the tap until the water heats up, then use that water to drink later, or water your plants.

Use Solar Panels

Solar panels are an essential feature if you want to become environmentally friendly. They are a long-term venture, the initial cost of installation will be high but, the long-term impacts can save you money that you could otherwise use in electricity bills. You can even be luckier if you find a solar panel that will make adequate electricity for you to completely go off the grid.


Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Everyone has their favorite detergent and cleaning products, but no one has ever thought of how they affect the environment. Once the detergent goes down the drain, it consumes a lot of energy and hard work to clean the water.

eco friendly cleaning materials

Fortunately, there are some simple changes you can make. For instance, use lemon juice or vinegar instead of bleaches and detergents in killing germs and bacteria. The chemicals present in cleaning products and detergent are the ones that harm the environment, and switching them with natural cleaning products is a great way to become eco-friendly.

Compost Your Food Excess

You can buy a compost bin or make one yourself and put it in your kitchen to turn any leftover foods into compost. Leave it there for some time and overtime, there will be enough compost for your garden.

Bottom Line

Making the above changes in your life can be very thrilling, and becoming eco-friendly saves you from damaging the planet using toxic products. Going green will also help reduce your energy bill and increase the value of your home. Therefore, make efforts to use solar panels, save water, use green cleaning products and compost your food.


Tips to make home more eco friendly

Grace Estrella - Cabanog
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