7 Ways To Get More Views on Youtube Channel

how to get more views in my youtube channel

Being on Youtube is the latest and most trending form of promotion and marketing nowadays. If you are a content creator and influencer, having an active Youtube Channel is the way to go. Youtube is another platform where you can drive followers and traffic to your website or any online business that you have. Here are some statistics about the hottest platform that is Youtube Right Now.

  •  YouTube has more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users
  • 87% of  Internet Filipino Users watch Video Online Content
  • 74% of Filipinos say there are more interesting topics to watch on Youtube than on TV
  • 63% of Filipinos agree that Youtube helps them decide which brands to buy

Your ability to tap into YouTube can greatly increase your chances for success on your blog. I have been actively uploading YouTube videos for over 3 years, here are a few tips for you :

 How to Get More Views on YouTube

1. Create more videos!  Online content creation has been much easier and livelier because of videos. People can upload relevant content which can explain their topic in a more understandable manner with video presentation. The more active you are in video uploads the more your content will rise up on the youtube algorithm.

2. Create catchy, keyword-rich titles. Being the 2nd largest Search Engine online Youtube also provide answers to people who are searching for relevant videos to answer them. Adding relevant and rich keywords to your videos can help you in getting your content found!

3. Add keyword-rich content into the description. The description area is a great place to optimize your video. You can also use this to explain in detail your video and add some links to other important things or topics discussed or mentioned on your video. Affiliate links also work on this part, where YouTubers earn a significant amount of money on their referral links.

4. Add close captioning by transcribing your video. This is something I have recently begun to do. I hope to write an entire post on this in the future. YouTube gives you the option to upload a transcript of your video and turn it into close captions. This indexes the video for SEO purposes. You can even do a search on YouTube and if the video has a “transcript” the search engine picks up the exact spot in the video where that phrase was mentioned.

5. Optimize your tags with the right keywords. The tags area is another place to optimize your video for the YouTube search engine. You can increase your YouTube views by adding keyword-rich tags. For ideas, do a search with your targeted keyword phrase and find the tags that other videos are using.

6. Embed your YouTube video on your blog. Always, always embed your YouTube video on your blog. You want to drive traffic back to your main hub, which is your blog. Also, I am beginning to notice a cool thing that is happening. Google is showing a thumbnail of YouTube videos right on the search results page.

7. Share video links on your social networks. Don’t forget to promote your video to your fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Doing so can increase your views on your YouTube videos.

As you can see, there is a lot that can go into just adding one video on YouTube. Do not let this discourage you from getting more videos uploaded. You can always go back and optimize your videos later. YouTube gives you the option to edit just about anything.



how to get more views in my youtube channel

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