Tips To Get That Youthful Glow Back for Busy Moms

tips to get the youthful glow

We have all been there from time to time. You have a few long nights, early mornings, and work is stressful.

Eventually, that will begin to show on your face. It can be an excellent reminder for us to take care of ourselves properly. To return our glow to its former glory.

It’s not as hard as you think once you decide to take charge.

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There are a few facial tools that you can invest in to give yourself a regular facial massage.

  • Face roller, usually made of jade, rose quartz.
  • Gua Sha Face Tool, find a Gua Sha practitioner guide to perfect this technique.
  • Vibrating facial massage tool
  • The Facialift, a Sarah Chapman tool that mimics a facial massage
  • A reusable eye mask that can be kept in the fridge

Of course, add into that a regular visit to Balsam Spa, and you will keep the puffiness away.

Regular massage helps with drainage, reduces puffiness, and improves circulation. Even if you don’t have any tools, you can massage your face with your hands.


We get so stuck using the same products that we can get into a bit of a rut. As our skin ages, or when we aren’t taking care of it well, our foundation can add to the issue. Foundation can highlight wrinkles, texture, and dryness.

How can you combat this? You can ditch the heavy foundations and swap for a lightweight BB cream. Or you can add a fake glow into your regular foundation. Using luminosity drops can give you a little bit of a glow everywhere that counts.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acids are incredible for our skin. But so many people still aren’t using them correctly. If you don’t use them correctly, you are wasting your time and money.

What is hyaluronic acid? Hyaluronic acid, while it sounds scary, is a secret power tool in glowing skin. Firstly our bodies make it, and it helps us glow. It declines as we age, but you can add it to your routine. It is a bouncy fluid that holds on to moisture and infuses it into your skin.

If you want the impact without the added steps, then invest in a day or night cream (both) with hyaluronic acid as an ingredient.

Now we know that the acid clings to moisture, the next bit will make sense.

Many people apply their hyaluronic acid to dry skin… which can make it drier! Nightmare, and may explain why some people say it doesn’t work for them.

To maximize the impact, and use it correctly, only apply it to damp skin. It acts as a moisture magnet, will soak up the water, and leave you with deeply hydrated skin. It is also gentle enough to use every day.

Mist your face, apply your acid, and enjoy that glow.

Vitamin C & D

If you read journals, blogs, and other articles from skincare experts, vitamin C is necessary. Using vitamin C drops in skincare and ensuring that you get outside and see the sun is necessary.

You must use a suitable SPF to protect from the sun’s harmful rays – and still benefit.

Vitamin, when we take it orally and apply it to our skin, gives us a zing, lightens dark spots, and evens out your skin tone.

While you may be tempted to soak up the sun a little more and get a tan, it’s better to fake it. Sun damage ages your skin and only gives you a sun-kissed look for a short time.


Skin resurfacing at a specialist clinic like Renew + Refresh Medical Spa can do wonders for getting glowing skin.

Resurfacing removes damaged skin, evens skin tone, and improved collagen regeneration. Our collagen levels drop as we age, which can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Improving your body’s repair and healing process with resurfacing gives a youthful glow.

A few minor adjustments, additions to your skincare routine, or relaxing spa treatments can change how your skin looks in no time at all.


tips to get the youthful glow

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