What Exfoliation Does For Your Whole Body

what exfoliation does

We all know that exfoliation’s biggest bonus is removing dead skin cells, dirt, and gives us smooth, clean skin. 

But did you know that there is a range of other benefits you are getting, simply for giving your body a good scrub? 

Your whole body benefits from a good exfoliation session, and here is how. 


What Exfoliation Does For Your Whole Body
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What is exfoliation?

Our skin sheds dead skin cells all the time; in fact, around every 30 days, we have new skin cells forming. 

Most of the old ones will fall away; however, they can be pesky and hold on. You will notice these as dry patches of skin or where your skin might be a little bit flaky.

Exfoliation is the process of helping the dead skin cells be removed. By helping your body to buff away these dead skin cells gently, you encourage a range of processes. People use a range of methods to exfoliate their skin. 

  • Pumice stones
  • Chemical exfoliants
  • Exfoliation gloves
  • Exfoliation tools
  • Granular exfoliation creams and washes
  • Exfoliation brushes

How often should I exfoliate?

You should exfoliate your skin at least once a week and twice as a maximum. Your skin has many natural oils that should be preserved. Intense exfoliation or over-exfoliation can strip your skin of these essential oils. 

By keeping a twice-weekly schedule, you will ensure that you keep dry and flaky skin at bay but retain those natural oils that keep your skin healthy. 


Prone to blackheads or those dreaded under the skin spots? Well, exfoliation can prevent your pore from becoming so clogged up. 

When you exfoliate your face, you help to reduce your chance of having an acne breakout. You remove much of the dirt and dead skin that clogs up pores too. 

Giving you cleaner skin with minimal effort. 

Once that layer of dead skin is buffed away, you will immediately enjoy a brighter-looking complexion too! 

Other products

If you are a fan of deep action acids like BHA, Urban Beauty Bar AHA renewal serum, or Hyularnoic acid, then you want to make sure you are getting the most value for your money. 

That layer of dead skin and buildup (that a cleanser just won’t remove) prevents your products from penetrating the skin as well as they could. 

Removing that barrier will help your skin soak up the product, and you will quickly see you need less product and will see a more significant difference. 


Collagen is what keeps our skin soft and supple. As we age, our collagen production slows. Regular exfoliation helps to encourage collagen synthesis. 

Collagen synthesis will improve your skin’s texture, tighten up the look of skin, and leave it feeling plump and healthy. 

You can increase the impact by ensuring that you follow your exfoliation session with a collagen-packed serum or cream. 

Cell Turnover

Actively removing the dead skin cells on our skin helps to kick off our renewal process. Specifically, using a more chemical-based exfoliant like lactic acid, AHA, or fermented plant enzymes is the best option to use. 

These gentle yet potent exfoliation chemicals reveal fresh, smooth skin and allow things like spray tans and other spa treatments to be more effective too. 

So next time you book a SculptedYou session, you know your skin is smoothed and prepped for your treatment. 

Drainage and Circulation

As we exfoliate our skin, we are also improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

The improved circulation encourages oxygen-rich blood to some to the surface. That oxygen-rich gives us a glow and nourishes the skin from the inside. 

Lymphatic drainage, while sounding a little scary, is a form of detoxification. Besides improving skin’s external look, the massage with exfoliation helps our body remove harmful debris and toxins. 

Culminating in a glow that only comes with good skin health. what exfoliation does


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