Work From Home Internet Risk

work from home internet risks

There are pros and cons to working from home. The advantage of working from home is that we have more time with family and greater flexibility. Less stress due to long commute, plus save time and money.

The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, changes every aspect of our work. We rely mostly on the internet for online transactions and video conferencing apps such as teams and zoom for online meetings, chats, collaborations, and calls. But do we know what are the risk at the back of it?

To avoid Internet security risk at home, we must do the following:

Secure WI-FI.

Change the default name of our WI-FI/SSID. More often manufacturers set their wireless routers to default, in which the username and password are searchable on the internet. Also, change the IP address range of the default DHCP server.

Main SSID cannot be changed, better to untick SSID Broadcast and create a new SSID.

Enable Encryption.

To enable data protection, we must set encryption. WPA2 (WI-FI Protected Access) is more secured and easy to manage.

Strong Password.

Make sure you create a unique and strong password to avoid password guessing. It should have a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols, with no ties to your personal information. It is also applicable to all social media accounts and applications.


HTTPs provide secure encrypted connection in accessing websites.


Protects your laptop/computer from threats, such as viruses and malware that could steal sensitive information.

Computer Update.

Always update your computer/laptop from a known update source. Outdated patches may no longer be supported by the vendor and new bugs in the operating system cannot be addressed. The system will be exposed to vulnerabilities and security risks.

Some other features on the Modem/Router to enable for better protection on Home WI-FI.

 MAC Filter

Enable this feature to only allow devices that can connect to WI-FI

DDOS – This added feature is useful if unknown users are attempting to flood your WI-FI with traffic, and internet services will be inoperable.


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