How to do Fiverr Freelancing – 5 Skills That require No Skills

how to do fiverr freelancing

Today I want to show you how you can start making money online as a freelancer even if you have zero knowledge and no skills. I will tell you about 5 Fiverr gigs, you can publish them today on Fiverr and start making money online even if you don’t know anything. so let’s start with number one.



Remove Image Backgrounds

Number one is providing a service to remove image backgrounds.

Now you may tell me that you don’t know photoshop, how to work with images, editing, and so on.

Don’t worry, I will show you now how we can remove the background of any image in one click.

If you see above in the picture, on Fiverr that we have a lot of gigs that provide this service “remove background image”. You can see these gigs’ photo background removal

So how we can remove an image background?


Step 1: Simply just go to, this is a website for image editing, creating photos, thumbnails, ebooks, and so on.


Please Note: You must have a Canva premium account to remove the background.

Step 2: Now just click on create a design and click now anything to just open an empty design. 

Step 3: Upload any photo you want to remove the background. 

Step 4: Simply click on effects and then background removal.

Just wait for seconds and you will see the background will be removed then you can simply download the image and gave it to your client and provide this as a service on Fiverr or any website.


Just wait for seconds and you will see the background will be removed then you can simply download the image and gave it to your client and provide this as a service on Fiverr or any website.


SEO Report

Providing in-depth SEO reports for any website. 


What is SEO?

It stands for search engine optimization and it’s a technique to optimize your site so you can rank on Google or any search engine and get free organic traffic from search engines.

If you search on Fiverr for SEO as an example, you will find a lot of people offering SEO services and some offering just an SEO report in-depth. Report about a website to show them what’s wrong in their websites and help them rank on search engines.


So how you can provide an in-depth SEO report of any website if you do not know then simply use any Service SEO analyzer on the web.


So you publish this service this gig on Fiverr and when someone asks you for this report, you just get his website and you enter it in


Here you enter any website and click on review then you can see you have an in-depth detailed report about everything and tells what’s wrong with the website. That person can get help in optimizing his website for SEO and ranking his website.


Now you can just click on download report and you don’t need to register or enter any emails you can simply download the report and send it to the customer or the user who requested this service.


Someone will ask you to design an ad for him to publish on his website or he to create a google ad campaign or whatever and he wants a design.

So how can you design if you are not a designer and don’t have any experience before in graphic design or ad design or html5?

Simply go to the website called, an awesome website to create banners and ads with a drag and drop editor and a huge library of templates.

Please Note: This is a paid tool but you can create and edit up to 10 designs for free. allows you to create google ads, Facebook ads, native ads, and a lot more. After making an ad then you can simply give the embed code, so your client can directly embed on his website, just copy the code and give it to the user who is requesting this service and he can publish directly on his website without worrying about speed, downloading, uploading and so on.


You can also export templates at jpeg, png, HTML, mp4, and so on.

Fiverr Arbitrage

Number four is Fiverr arbitrage or reselling services. What do we mean by this, you know we have a lot of websites providing freelancing services like, Upwork, Fiverr, and so on.

So the idea here is to publish a gig on Fiverr or and then resell it so you find a cheap gig on Fiverr and then you publish on with a higher cost or higher price so and you earn the difference between the two prices.

So go and find a service on Fiverr and publish it somewhere else or find its other websites and publish it on Fiverr and then you can end like a commission or the difference between the two prices.

I hope the idea is somehow easy so in this way, you will not worry about any skills and experience anything, 

Commenting on Blogs

Anyone now can open a blog post and comment on a blog. If you go on Fiverr and search for blog comments, you will see a lot of people that offer high-quality backlinks using blog comments. So simply you can provide this service on Fiverr by commenting on others’ blogs.

The idea is somehow so simple you just provide a service by commenting on others’ blogs and this will help blog owners get more backlinks and increase the authority and the rank of their website. It’s somehow an SEO service but you are providing a simple task which is commenting on others blogs.

These 5 ideas with no experience, no skills, zero-knowledge, and you can start working today on Fiverr or any other freelancing website and start as a freelancer online and make money online.


Ramzan is a digital marketer and is a  freelancer for over 7 years and also he has a blog called itstechable where he writes articles about SEO, Freelancing, and Web design.

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