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Whether it is a social affair or a professional one, every event is significant because it opens doors to a myriad of opportunities to make connections or rekindle relationships with other people and entities. Plus, these days, every occasion is highly photographed. This is to make sure everything is documented and everyone has something to look back to. Hence, whether you are hosting or attending the event, it is important to make a lasting impression by putting your best foot forward.

Boost your confidence, feel and look your best by hiring a makeup artist for your next event. With a professional by your side, your natural beauty will be highlighted. Aside from having one less event worry on your plate, you will have first dibs on what looks are trending these days. Also, this means you will have no problem getting a gorgeous look that is completely new to you. Furthermore, these professionals know the most efficient techniques and effective products needed to compliment every woman’s beauty.


However, scouting for a good makeup artist is one thing, but hiring the perfect one for you is another since all of us have unique needs and every makeup artist has their own style. Hence, it is necessary to look for the best professional for you. 

To give you a head start, we made a list of tips that may help you find your ideal makeup artist:


Find a Makeup Inspiration Early on


As soon as you schedule or commit to the event, start looking for a target appearance. Browse on Pinterest for a broad selection or on Instagram pages of professional makeup artists and their works. Else, if you have recently attended an event and someone’s look pleased you, ask the name of their makeup artist. You can also read posts and comments as well as participate in online bridal forums to know the good names in the bridal makeup industry. With these, you can create a shortlist of potential experts who work on a style that passes your criteria.


Scan Portfolios


Once you decide on a list of makeup artists, skim through their portfolios to see if they have already done your target look on a former client or have executed a similar one.



Read Reviews


Another way to know how credible a professional makeup artist is on their work is through the feedback given to them. However, be cautious in reading reviews and taking advice from marketing teams who endorse stylists. Hence, read client reviews for these are made by the receiver of the same services you are about to get.



Consult with Your Prospects


Have a conversation with the members of your shortlist. If possible, meet up with them. Show them your preference so they can get an idea of the makeup style you are trying to go for. Also, inquire about their services. The following are questions that may help you gain more light about their offerings:


  • “Is my target look achievable? Have you done it before?”
  • “What kinds of makeup products do you use?”
  • “Are you affiliated with a brand or do you use a range of cosmetics?”
  • “How do you cater to skin sensitivities? Do you use sensitive skin-friendly products?”
  • “Do you offer makeup trials?”
  • “Do you sign contracts?”
  • “What are your price/package inclusions?”
  • “What health and safety measures do you practice?”



Go for a Makeup Trial


If given an opportunity, grab the chance to have a makeup trial with your chosen artist/s. Not only does this let you know if the professional can execute your desired look, but this also gives you a preview of which makeup style complements your face. Moreover, doing the trial does not only give you an estimate of how long the makeup lasts in real life but also lets you examine the products the professional uses as well. If the cosmetics they use do not pass your standards or skin concerns, if any, it is best to decide on compromise or move on to the next option.



Book a Photoshoot


If you are getting married try to book your pre wedding shoot the same day you are trialing your hair and makeup. You will get to see how the makeup photographs, how long it lasts on your skin and how the hair holds up. This will be great feedback for your makeup artist and you will both know what you may need to change up on the wedding day.



Searching for a makeup artist for your next special event? At Simona Janek, we ensure a photograph-perfect styling that will definitely awe you and your acquaintances! As a professional photographer and former model, I know which angles look best in photographs. Hence, you can trust me to accommodate you on your makeup trial photoshoot as well.

If you are hosting a wedding and looking for a professional who also does other skin beauty treatments, allow our colleagues from Everbliss to give you the pampering you and your bridesmaids deserve. With 22 years of experience in the beauty industry, they take pride in exceeding every bridal party’s expectation!


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