Why I Started a Pet Blog?

It has been a while since I posted about something that really sparked joy to me. I had been MIA for quite some time in this blog, but today, I wanted to share with you the reason why I am shifting this blog from just a plain mommy blog to a pets and lifestyle blog.

Growing up, I have never seen my parents raise pets. I never knew how it felt having a pet dog or pet cat since to like I was in my teenage years. My father did not like the idea of having a dog and my mom never liked having one too. We had to raise a stray mommy cat with her kittens, but they decided to throw them away. But one kitty, made it back to our house. And that’s how the kitten petting started. 🙂

So back to my post 🙂

Why did I decide to blog about pets? Well, the main reason is I have one dog now and 4 kittens plus one mommy cat. I wanted to explore more about this subject and also share and learn along the way with you, my reader 🙂

You can still see me post some lifestyle stuff on here, just so I am adding a “pets” section into it. Coz why not? Pets are adorable and they make our life a whole lot better, right?




Five Reasons To Start a Pet Blog

In the blog post, How I Became a BlogPaws Ambassador I mentioned that I was going to start a pet blogging series between now and the BlogPaws conference. I thought we would start off with a post about why you should even start a pet blog in the first place. Believe it or not there’s still a lot of people out there that don’t quite get this whole blogging thing. When I tell people I’m a blogger I see the blank stares. When I tell people that my blog makes me money, they always want to know more! In many ways it’s still the wild west out here in the blogosphere. I’ve learned a lot over the past 5 years of blogging and I want to share that knowledge with you. Let’s talk about five reasons why you should start a pet blog.

1. Educate Others

I’m not an expert about dogs or even pets for that matter. I’m just a girl that loves her Daschund Spitz Dog! I started this blog cause I want to share also my love for cats, and styling them with cute bandanas and pet collars. Which also, I am running a business out of. All of my content feeds into my mission statement “Create a happy and fulfilled life with your pets!” At the very core of that statement it’s about educating others. What knowledge can you share with others through your blog?

2. Share Your Story

Your blog is a place where you can share your story in words and/or photographs. What is unique about you and your pet’s story? It doesn’t have to be something mind blowing either! I have a mixed Daschund Spitz dog and that is what I know about.  Hearing “OMG, that happened to my dog too” connects us as pet parents and human beings! It makes you feel like you’re not alone in what ever you might be going through.

3. Advocate for Pets

Pet blogging helps to spread the word about issues that people may not have known about otherwise. Use your pet blogging platform to get the word out about an issue or cause that is important to you.

4. Meet Other Pet Parents

Pet blogging is a great way to meet like minded people that share your love of pets! I have met so many amazing people through the BlogPaws Community that I would have never known if it wasn’t for blogging. The BlogPaws community consists of people from all walks of life from bloggers, social media experts, authors, small business owners, animal rescues, veterinarians, and more! Attending the annual BlogPaws conference is a great way to put a name to the faces you meet online. The conference includes a ton of networking, educational workshops about blogging/social media, a red carpet awards show, and so much more! Learn how you can become a professional blogger by joining the BlogPaws community!

5. To Make Money

I’m pretty sure if given the opportunity  everyone would love to make a full-time living from blogging. Is that even possible? Yes, it is! Is it easy? No! Making money from blogging takes time, lots of effort, and is not going to happen over night. However, it IS possible to make money and even a living from your pet blog! I make money through a variety of revenue streams such as ads, affiliate sales, sponsored posts, ambassadorships, consulting work, and more.

Grace Estrella - Cabanog
Author: Grace Estrella - Cabanog

I'm Grace. A Mom of 2 kids Adi and Ami. Wife to the love of my life, A. I am Self-taught Bead Crafter. Christian Writer. I share with you my story and know that there is Joy and there is Peace in Jesus Christ!

Author: Grace Estrella - Cabanog

I'm Grace. A Mom of 2 kids Adi and Ami. Wife to the love of my life, A. I am Self-taught Bead Crafter. Christian Writer. I share with you my story and know that there is Joy and there is Peace in Jesus Christ!

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