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LOTD (Lipstick of the Day): Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink

My second of the 12 lipsticks for my lipstick of the day posts for Ever Bilena matte lipstick is today as you can see.  I have been using this lipstck for two weeks now. Amongst the 12 colors, this one is what i liked best! I got this lipstick as part of the complete set of matte lipstick – my prize for winning…

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Challenge: DAY 8 – Fave Daytime Look

Hi!! How are you doing? Today, I am posting for Day 8 of my 30 Day Makeup Challenge.My favorite day time look is the Natural Look, which is what most of the ladies should be sporting.We know that we don’t want to look very clownish when it comes to putting on makeup. We should feel comfortable about how we look and somehow…

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DAY 7 – Fave Eyeshadow Color Palette

Hi how are you doing today? My question for the challenge is a tough one since I am an eye makeup type of girl.I love colors especially on the eyes and perhaps for me the eye is the most catching feature a woman has and accentuating it with the perfect shades of shadows would be unkaboggable! (cannot be outwon). I…

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