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Let’s Get Coloring!

What I love about coloring is that it gives me the avenue to express my self. Although this has been a fad lately, I guess most people love it because it allows you some sort of freedom. Apart from that, colors brighten up your mood. Especially when done at the right moment. I am a mom and I have observed…

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The Sewing Machine Anatomy

img source img source Hi Mommies! you might wonder why. a picture of a sewing machine pops up on your screen.Well, i will be having a round up of crafting posts here in YMT. For a quick start, i wanted to show you the sewing machine’s anatomy.Few may know it but, my grandma has been a dressmaker hmmm way back…

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Creative Corner

If you are in Cebu and haven’t heard of this cute shop in J Centre Mall, Well now is time that I’d show you what we have just discovered over the weekend. It is this really cute craft and gift store called CREATIVE CORNER. The 3 musketeers, Allen, me and Adi went over to the mall for some stroll and…

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