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Baby Number 2: 16 weeks (4months) pregnant

How Far Along: Week 16 (August 29, 2015) This is a late post. 🙂 source How far along?  16 weeks (4 months) Total weight gain/measurements: 128 lbs Date of Visit: August 29, 2015 at Perpetual Succour Hospital (ultrasound) – OB Check-up (Cortes Gen Hospital) Blood Pressure: 90/60  Fundal Height: 30 cm Baby’s Heart Beat: 150 Maternity clothes:  Bought leggings and maternity dress 🙂 Stretch…

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Looking back: My Motherhood Journey in Pictures

I still yearn for those days, the moments… A baby just grows up so fast .. I wish i could turn back time through these still images. This has really been the most wondrous moment of my entire life and i would not change it for anything. What’s your treasured moments with your beloved lil ones mommas? Care to share?…

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The cold Never bothered me anyway!

I feel this so much…. this movie. the sisterly love. I love the song!I think that every girl should feel the same way, we don’t necessarily need a man to save us.Here are a few quotes, I’d like to share with you about this wonderful movie, FROZEN. credits to google for the images Gracina EstrellaI love to share about my…

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