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Story of Inspiration: Pregnancy after a Miscarriage

Do you know someone who have been into miscarriage and having that chance once again to have a baby? I bet it is not an easy moment for that couple, right? Here is one inspiring story from Reality stars couple of ‘Married at first sight’. Reality stars Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner gladly confirmed they’re pregnant again, six months after they lost their first child…

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Baby Number 2: 16 weeks (4months) pregnant

How Far Along: Week 16 (August 29, 2015) This is a late post. 🙂 source How far along?  16 weeks (4 months) Total weight gain/measurements: 128 lbs Date of Visit: August 29, 2015 at Perpetual Succour Hospital (ultrasound) – OB Check-up (Cortes Gen Hospital) Blood Pressure: 90/60  Fundal Height: 30 cm Baby’s Heart Beat: 150 Maternity clothes:  Bought leggings and maternity dress 🙂 Stretch…

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