REPOST: 5 ways to look your best while preggy

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You’ve heard so much about this so-called “pregnancy glow” but why isn’t it happening to you?

First of all, this “glow” is purely hormonal and the result of an increased flow of blood to the vessels and even oil secretions on your face.

Secondly, it’s hard to hide the unease you feel about your body—hormones going haywire, your body adjusting to the new life it’s nurturing.

Instead of worrying too much about your ever-changing body, here are a few ways to feel beautiful during the 9-month wait.

1. Don’t become a couch potato.
Being pregnant seems like a good excuse to stay in bed all day and stop exercising. But women who are feeling bloated or experiencing morning sickness benefit from light physical activity throughout the pregnancy.  Try walking around your neighborhood, light stretching and pre-natal yoga.
Also, don’t see pregnancy as a license for excessive weight gain. According to WebMD, “In general, you should gain about 2 to 4 pounds during your first three months of pregnancy and 1 pound a week for the remainder of your pregnancy.”
Packing on too many pounds mean the weight will be harder to get rid of when you have your baby.
2. Visit the salon.
There was a time when pregnant women were not allowed for any reason to dye their hair or paint their nails. Nowadays, there are salon products that are chemical-free and said to be safe for expectant mothers. Certain nail polish brands and plant-based hair dyes now have preggos rejoicing. Before you get too excited though, it is still advisable to get the go signal from your doctor first.
3. Go make-up shopping.
What better way to feel pretty than to play with make-up! Try out a new lipstick shade that is out of the ordinary for you, or buy that facial highlighter you’ve wanted to push that preggy glow even further. After you’ve had your fun, you can always wash it off.
4. Treat yourself to a massage.
Thank your lucky stars that pre-natal massages exist nowadays! Many salons now offer this service to sooth the aching bodies of expectant mothers, so take advantage of it. A great massage can do wonders for your physical aches and your worries.
5. Fix the nursery.
Being hands-on with fixing your baby’s future room can help you relax and definitely get you excited about the little bubba’s arrival. The best beauty secret for pregnant women is happiness—and this activity will definitely put a smile on your face!

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