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FOOD TRIPS: Rodeo Grill

It was yet another day of celebration right before the long weekend hits, our team took the time off for lunch out at Rodeo Grill, home of great barbeque and sizzlers.

If you’re into grilled foods and for a cowboy meal Rodeo Grill is the right place for you. Located along Archbishop Reyes Avenue (between Isuzu and Hotel Elizabeth).

Best sellers include Sgt. Peppers Sizzlers, Geronimo’s Sizzling Pochero, and Sheriff Jake Premium Steak.
Foods are served with Unlimited Rice for their Cowboy Meals! (“‘,)
My Personal Faves, the meat is so tender and its just seasoned well, it’s a bit spicy and very tasty!
Sgt. Peppers Sizzler

Sheriff Jakes Premium Steak 

Overall, the price is just right for a man-meal and if you’re really hungry, this is the place to be. (“,)
Hope you’ll also give it a try. 
These is not a paid post for Rodeo Grill. (“,).
Till then!

Graz Estrella

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